About Us

Beacon Academy was established in 2020 to provide high quality, short term, intensive skin, health and beauty treatment training courses. We offer an easier method for students to become qualified practitioners.

VTCT qualifications

VTCT qualifications boost your chances of employment as employers prefer candidates with these sought after professional qualifications. Gaining a VTCT Qualification clearly demonstrates to potential employers that you possess a high level of competence and focus in your career and confirms you’ve gained a high standard of knowledge and skills. VTCT qualifications are recognised worldwide . so if you plan to work abroad your chance of employment is greatly improved by having these qualifications.


Associated Irish Therapists (AIT)

Associated Irish Therapists (AIT) are a recognised body within the beauty and therapy industry, meaning our courses are approved, validated and insurable by the UK/ Ireland’s leading membership and insurance provider. This accreditation proves that our courses are of a high standard and that our lecturers are qualified to deliver teaching.


Beacon Academy

Our Beacon Academy courses are aimed at those students who are not quite sure about making the leap into the aesthetics industry but want to develop their knowledge in skin and laser treatments for their own personal use. These courses are not accredited but we are excited to share our love of skincare with you and perhaps kickstart a new career!